Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Amish Models Fight the BP Oil Spill!!!

Hey, everyone knows you're sick of checking out the oil spill. After all, who wants to spend week after week looking at this:
Oil Spills: Not Pretty

What Americans really want is naughty girls in underwear. The naughtier, the better, it would seem, as the "Amish" model who sells her underwear seems to be proving. She's been on Howard Stern and now she's rocking American Pinup.
Not an Amish girl in her underwear, but who'd know it?
The votes are in, this is what the people want.

When the alternative is Nancy Pelosi, discussing politics, who can blame them?
Amish models need wrinkle cream?
This ain't what people want, but it's who is running the show while they look away.

But hey, if you came here looking for Amish hotties in swimwear, here you go:
Amish hotties in swimwear at the beach. Watch out Sports Illustrated!
Amish Hotties on the Beach!

But that's not got the shock value of a chick who's "broken free" of her religious upbringing, cast reservations aside, and dons swimwear that dissolves in contact with water, right?
Amish models in candy underwear--or Presbyterian, or Catholic, or something. Those repressed chicks are maniacs, right?
Those repressed chicks become maniacs when they break free of their religious upbringing, right?

Don't watch your government. Look the other way. Thaaat's it. Ignore what's going on behind the curtain...
No Amish Chicks in the Smoke-Filled Rooms where they run your life, nothing here to see.
Nothing to see here, we're just running your life. Move along...

So keep checking out those hot models. Much more interesting than how you're being screwed by your "representatives".
Amish underwear, Hindu underwear, Atheist underwear, it's all good, right?
Does it matter what denomination the underwear is?

As the song says, "Look away, look away, look away..."
Amish chicks make life better for =everyone=.
Supposedly Amish models make policy making soooo much easier!

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