Thursday, April 1, 2010

PS3 Update Stealz Ur Megahurtz

I bought a router some long time ago. It had 802.11n built in, but it wasn't on the box. The driver didn't support it yet, just lower speed 802.11a/b/g. New driver comes out. I can't download it. It gives n support, but the manufacturer can't give it to me.

There's a law, you see, "protecting" me. The feature wasn't on the box. It wasn't advertised (though everyone with a browser knew it was there.) But the law said I had to pay to get the "upgrade", even if it was just software to turn on the hardware already in the box.

Sony Sez: PS3 "Update", You Lose

OK, now the PS3. Hey, it does multiple OSes! Once bought, though, Sony says "NOT!" and yanks it. No matter what I may already be doing that uses it. Turn it off on new boxes that weren't sold with it? Sure, it's bent but if they want to sink themselves and double the price of used PS3s, OK.

But take it away? Using the logic of the paid-for update, where's my refund for lost features?

Can Apple switch off MP3 support on my iPod and tell me tugh luck, it's AAC only now? If they made an iPod with Bluetooth but didn't have it turned on till an update--I'd have to pay. But switching off functions my Congresscritter says, "Hey, ream away! I'm next."


Heck with PS3. Where's my C-64? Jumpman rox.

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